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Cepelin d.o.o.
Nova Cesta 70
HR-10000 Zagreb
Tel:+385 95 1999 919
Fax:+385 1 3644 066


Insulation of steam heating and hot water pipes

  • tanks, fuel oil pipes, steam pipes, hot water pipes, tanks, insulation of elbows, valves etc.
  • prevention of heat loss

This kind of insulation is carried out with following materials:

  • Mineral wool, pads in foil or rabbit nets, thickness 30-200mm,
  • Supporting reinforced structure fixed with screws or pop rivets,
  • Protective sheaths are made of aluminum sheets, galvanized painted sheets (as requested) or pro chrome,
  • Possibility of making tanks of aluminum sheets, galvanized or painted sheets and plasticized sheets

Cold insulation

We carry out the following types of insulation:
  • glycol piping
  • ammonia pipes, glycol and ammonia tanks
  • valves and elbows insulation
  • insulation thickness 30-200 mm
  • compressors mounted in engine rooms and piping to aluminum evaporators thickness 0.8 m or other sheets as requested and of pro chrome as well
  • mechanical filling with polyurethane foam weight 38-40 kg/m

Insulation is installed at all facilities of meat industry, cold stores, breweries and other plants which need such kind of insulation.

ARMAFLEX Insulation

ARMAFLEX insulation for pipes at -10°C is performed by using pipes, panels or similar material depending on temperature requirements.

Installation of insulating panels

For cold rooms and cold stores for fruits, vegetables and meat from -5°C to -40°C
  • Installation of baseboards and doors in cold rooms of all sizes
  • Installation of roof panels or profiled sheet and skirting

Air condition system pipes

(Protection against condensation and corrosion) Ventilation ducts are insulated by using:
  • Mineral wool,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Armaflex panels (K-Flex self-adhesive panels),
  • Other similar materials as required.
  • Panonska nova pivovara - Koprivnica
  • Zagrebačka pivovara - Zagreb
  • Karlovačka pivovara
  • Tuzlanska pivovara
  • Daruvarska pivovara
  • Sarajevska pivovara
  • Pivovara Laško
  • Pivovara Union - Ljubljana
  • Pivovara Split